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The AT&L programs are amazing! Absolutely love them!

Tutorial Services - Academic Tutors

Gain better confidence in doing your academic tasks

We provide individualised tutorial lessons and study help for different subject areas dressing gaps in knowledge. Your child will gain better confidence in doing their academic tasks once these gaps are addressed.

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Tutorial Services - IB Tutors

Catch up, learn and get ahead 

We provide individualised IB study help for different subject areas addressing gaps in knowledge or enrichment of a subject matter.

BrainGymnastics Saturday STEAM Camp

Period 3 : Chemical Reactions

Nov 7  - Nov 28 Saturday from 9.30-11.30

Encourage experimenting


 presents opportunities for your child to build and enhance their curiosity through different hands-on activities. Different themes and creative activities boosting your child's curiosity and motivating their learning.

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We aim to improve student’s academic performance  enhancing efficacy and confidence in delivering subject requirements and tasks.

Learning Pods

Our instructions and activities are student centered, empowering and inspiring the students to make creative contributions in achieving their targeted academic goals.


We have an international circle of young tutors studying at distinctive universities of Stockholm and subject specialists who are ideal role models for the students.

International Culture

Our tutors and students are coming from different cultures and backgrounds which promote a strong sense of camaraderie and belongingness