Lou Hellquist   
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
M.Sc. Biotechnology Program

With Passion for Biology and Music

I’m studying to get my master of science in biotechnology. I’ve always enjoyed biology since it is a subject where we can always learn more, and in biotechology I have found a place where many new ideas are needed and appreciated. In my free time I enjoy music, I play the piano and sing. When I have the time and the weather is right I also like to go gliding. Freedom in the sky is beautiful.

Subject Areas



Swedish (native)

English (fluent)


M.Sc Biotechnology Program at KTH 2017 - ongoing

Marine biology program at Marina Läroverket (secondary school) 2013-2016  


M.Sc Biotechnology program at KTH 2017 - ongoing

The biotechnology program integrates biology and technology working with processes and products involving living cells or biomolecules. Graduation is planned for 2022, and my B.Sc will be finished 2020. 

Marine biology program at Marina Läroverket (secondary school) 2013-2016

The program provided not only a foundation for higher education, but students also had the opportunity to go on the school ship, T/S Älva. With the school, I also took my certificate for professional skipping as well as a HACCP-certification.

Work experience

Votre nom

Salesperson 2017-2018

My job was to take care of the customers, take deliveries and general management.

Stocksunds Båtklubb

Sailing instructor 2015-2016

I would teach 8-12 year old the basics of sailing, such as making knots, how to catch the wind and how to turn a capsized boat. The job also involved helping the students with social interaction in the group, such as teambuilding exercises.

Other experience


I was a scout leader within the scouts for three years, working with children aged 7-12. We would plan hikes, themed meetings and go to camp together.

Chemistry chapter

I have held several positions within the chapter, most notably being my current position as head of an organizational group. I am also involved in the entertainment committee, planning events and working in the student pub.