Swedish School system Tutors

Be free with the tensions that come along when assisting your child with a project or school requirement

 A mediating  person like a tutor facilitates a systematic approach in completing the homework and  in aiding the student to cope with the demands of academic tasks.

We find that this makes a huge difference. The kids even looks forward to the sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend AT&L to anyone. Thank you!

We provide tutorial lessons and study help for different subject areas addressing gaps in knowledge. Your child will gain better confidence in doing their academic tasks once these gaps are addressed. With this help, your child will also be receiving tips and strategies of how to manage subject requirements so it does not pile-up and miss deadlines.

The tutelage starts at your convenience once we are able to find a suitable tutor.  The guardian decides how often the sessions would be and the location is mutually agreed upon. It is recommended to choose a location where a student would be more focused and relax at the same time during the session.

The AT&L Stockholm Team