IB Program Tutors

We provide individualised IB learning programs and study help for different subject areas addressing gaps in knowledge or enrichment of a subject matter. Your child will gain confidence learning tasks once these gaps are addressed. For enrichment, a student will develop further interest on the subject matter as higher skills are honed.  All of these services are catered by skilled tutors who are enrolled  at reputable universities in Stockholm.

The guidance and support from you and his tutors was exactly what he needed in developing his confidence and knowledge and him passing.
Thank you

IB Middle Years Program Study Coaching

If you need help in improving your grades and needs guidance in learning the MYP  in any of the subjects, our Tutors would be able to  help you address the criteria requirements of the different subjects. In  MYP, it is not just knowing the content of the subject that matters but it is also for the student to know how to apply and communicate the process of their learning in the real world.

IB Diploma Program Study Coaching

 The beginning of the new term signals  the increase of study pace for the IB Diploma program. Students who aim to achieve better scores in the DP year needs preparation.  An IB tutor guiding you to achieve these scores will make a significant value in increasing the points you are aiming to get to the university you are aiming for. It takes a lot of study structures, practice and review to be confidently prepared for the final exams. Our  IB tutors will help you polish the concepts that are unclear  boosting  your confidence in achieving better scores.