Farsan - My IB Life

How was my IB journey?

For me, IB was a stressful yet rewarding experience. IB was a demanding program, but learning from the difficulties gave me the skills and discipline needed to continue my studies at a good University. For example, during my IB studies I was able to explore different methods of learning and identify what suits me. Such knowledge is not only valuable in an academic setting but also in professional one.

How did I manage to get good scores in my exams?

I feel like just studying the topics is not enough to get a good grade, I had to do a lot of past papers to understand what is expected from me. I often came across questions I could not solve, so I sought help from friends and teachers. In general, when I was having a difficult time with a subject, I attended tutorial times to ask for help. I also went through and discussed the content of the syllabus with other people to ensure that I have the necessary knowledge.

How did I stay on top of my studies?

As an IB student, I had to learn to balance several things at once. Whether it be internal assessments, extended essay, or studying for the subjects, it was important for me to prioritize what needed to be done. I made sure to start my assignments early, and do it slowly over a longer period. Starting early gave me enough time to review and improve my assignments. For studying, I found it extremely helpful to learn the topic before it was taught in class. I usually went through a topic at least twice, once before the lesson and after to rewrite my notes.

What was the most critical point of my studies?

The last term of IB was not easy for me because of the finals. It was difficult for me to think that a large proportion of my grade depends on one exam. However, I spent a lot of time studying with friends so we could support and motivate each other over the last hurdle!