Sophia - My IB Life

How was my IB journey?

Coming from a Danish educational system, IB was definitely a lot more demanding than the education I had been used to. I had to adapt to a new style of learning and relearn my entire academic vocabulary in English. By pushing me, it showed me just how much I could do if I put my heart and mind into it.

How did I manage to get good scores in my exam?

I solved loads of old IB exams. When I came across a question I couldn’t answer, I would revise the chapter in question and try again. If I still didn’t manage, I’d ask for help from teachers and other students to make sure I had fully grasped the underlying theory and to learn from their approach to solving that type of question.

How did I stay on top of my studies?

Good friends, good food and good sleep! When I was in a good space mentally, I had a lot more energy and curiosity when going to class. Being attentive during class time was definitely key to keeping up with the learning pace of the class and thus staying on top of my studies.

What was the most critical point of my studies?

Third term, without a doubt. A lot of coinciding deadlines meant I had to be very strict about my schedule, which wasn’t always fun.