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Curiosity May be the Most Important Skill for a Child to Learn

About BrainGymnastics

BrainGymnastics program presents opportunities for your child to build and enhance their curiosity through different hands-on STEAM activities. Different themes and creative activities boosting your child's curiosity and motivating their learning.

STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding children inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. 

Our Summer STEAM Camps

Date:  20 jun- 23 jun
Age: 10-13 y/o
This CAMP is for scientific thinkers, 10 - 13 years of age, who are ready to take-on a challenge and be engaged in constructing a science project.

Date:  20 jun- 23 jun  
Age: 6-13 y/o   
A 4-day Camp for curious Campers, each day designed to enthuse their young minds.  This Summer Camp is guaranteed to be another memorable experience, combining STEAM activities while exploring art, culture, and sports.

Date:   20 jun- 23 jun
Age: 4-5 y/o  
This 4-day Camp enshrines developmental milestones of 4's and 5's. We’ll prepare age-appropriate STEAM activities that aim to engage our Campers in harnessing their sensory, language and motor skills

Our Boost Start School STEAM Camps

Date:  8 aug - 11 aug 2022
Age: 6-13 y/o 

The Booster STEAM Camp aims to prepare your children’s mindset for the upcoming school opening. 

Date:  8 aug - 11 aug 2022
Age: 4-5 y/o 

This 4-day Camp enshrines developmental milestones of 4's and 5's. 

Our School Break STEAM Camps

Date:   31 okt - 3 nov 2022
Age: 6-13 y/o   
A four-day STEAM adventure that will make this Autumn season break memorable!

Date:  27 feb - 2 mar 2023
Age: 6-13 y/o 
Take your child’s mind out for an adventure towards a world full of knowledge and endless possibilities

Date:  10 april - 14 april 2023 
Age: 6-13 y/o   
During the Easter Camp, your child will explore concepts on terrarium making, physical fun activities and exploring farm life.

We provide meaningful parties for your kids. Making the activities more challenging and exciting to every child. They do not just go home full on their tummies but also some grams heavier on their learning. A party worthwhile of coming, we take care of all the details!!!

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