BrainGymnastic Fall Break STEAM Camp 2020

October 26 - 29 (9:30am- 3:30pm)

Welcoming the Fall Break with exciting activities to captivate your child's interest about STEAM !!! 

An awesome camp - Going to science camp was the best decision my parents made. I made lots of new friends and I loved how everyone worked together.I loved all the teachers.I highly recommend going to this camp.

The 4 Day Fall Break STEAM Camp Program 

October 26-29 (9:30am- 3:30pm)

Theme : "Autumn Treats and STEAM Feasts"

Will you take the challenge of launching your rocket and have a blast with the other launchers? 

Which role will you play? 

Will you be able to put your mini robot together and  compete in  a mini race?

 Do you want to do a treasure hunt and  fun Halloween Trick or Treat?

Day 1 

Rocket Science, 3..2..1.. Lift off

The exploration in space will not be possible without rockets. The first day will focus on designing and building a variety of rockets. Learn and explore how rockets work by building some of your own. A number of chemical reactions can also lead to a strong pressure that can take our mini rockets off to space. 

Join us and have fun in making these wonderful experiments. Understand the physics of projection to be able to make a good launcher. Perform other related activities and experiments to illustrate how rocket takes off.

Day 2 

A STAR is Born!

A break from numbers and science, instead, carving the artist within us. Autumn is the season to see the beautiful changes of colors. We will walk through Humlegarden and take different poses, create land art and head our way to the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. 

The end goal is to spend the day at the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. In these rooms, you will have the opportunity to try different musical instruments, dress-up and play a role or character, be on stage and act like the STAR that you are.

Day 3 


Every moving system creates attention and wonder to the young minds. They like deconstructing and constructing machines.  The campers will have the  opportunity to create mini- robots, understand the basic component of simple machines to understand how they work. Get ready with those little fingers, prepare your sharp eyes and lots of patience to make a beautiful model of a mini robot. 

A mini- race is also part of the fun if you successfully put your gadgets together!

Recipe for the day: a kilo of bolts, a cup of screws , a cup of oil, 4 wheels, a dash of power voltage to speed things up.

Day 4 

The Ecosystem and Halloween Treats

The last day of the Camp, we will visit the Baltic Sea Center at Skansen to investigate and understand the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. Have a closer look at its water habitat to be able to extend a hand  preserving it. Living in Sweden, how much do we know about its wildlife and culture?

 We will explore Skansen with an open eye to know better about our host country and expand our understanding of the Nordic culture. To top it all, we will end the Fall Camp with an exciting treasure hunt at Skansen to sharpen your orienteering skills.  Treats or Tricks will be buried around Skansen to keep our Campers have an ultimate COVID Conscious Halloween Treat or trick fun!

Practical Info

The Fall Break STEAM Camp will take extra precaution to ensure that participants and Camp Leaders are in full compliance with the Covid-19 guidance set by the local authorities.

A four-day fall break science  camp supervised by seasoned specialists from various fields.  Energetic and talented Science Camp Leaders who are mostly students  coming from KTH and other prominent Swedish universities belonging to different nationalities.

Ages: 5 -12 y/o
Instructors: Teachers and trained Science Camp Leaders
Language: English & Swedish.

Date:  Monday, October 26 - Thursday, October 29
Time: 9:30 - 15:30
Where: Viktor Rydberg gymnasium Odenplan
Frejgatan 30, 113 49 Stockholm (Map)

You may choose to attend 1-4 day Program

Full 4-day Program:  3, 400 SEK  (Includes an annual card to Skansen)
Per day: 900 SEK  

or buy BrainGymnastics STEAM Camp tickets directly at Billetto

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