BrainGymnastic Fall Break 

Primary (Age 5- Grade 5)  

STEAM Camp 2021

Autumn STEAM Feasts and Halloween Treats

November 1-4 (9:30am- 4:00pm)

A four-day adventure that will make this  Autumn season break memorable!

An awesome camp - Going to science camp was the best decision my parents made. I made lots of new friends and I loved how everyone worked together.I love all the teachers.I highly recommend going to this camp.

The 4 Day Fall Break STEAM Camp Program 

November 1-4 (9:30am- 4:00pm)

Theme: Autumn Treats and STEAM FEASTS

Join us as we welcome the fall season filled with hope and hunger for rediscovery of more joyful memories! We have prepared exciting activities to reliven the celebration of the Halloween season and spending time without worries.We are here to welcome the autumn season full of hope as we rediscover the joy of togetherness.
The STEAM Camp will kick- off with the traditional Piñata hitting to kickstart the day. Your child will not only be enthused with learning S-T-E-A-M, but as well, strengthen their understanding of basic concepts whilst having fun.

Day 1: Nov 1

Rocket Science & The  Nobel Museum

Welcoming the Fall break with exciting activities focusing on building rockets. Understand the physics of projection to be able to make a good launcher. 
Will you take the challenge of launching your rocket and have a blast with the other launchers?

The day will also include a visit to the Noble Museum where we will have a short orientation of the Noble awardees and other fun facts about this commemorable event. It is never too early to dream!

Day 2: Nov 2

The Arts and your Counterpart

Self-creations and fun at “Creative House!”

Crafting, moulding or painting, an experience to tone down your child’s inner self. Then, we'll proceed to Moderna Museet and continue the artsy day exploring the museum and photo-collage making.

Day 3: Nov 3

The Bakers and the Pasta Makers

The magic of the flour and yeast as the rising star! We will bake and mould, roll and dice, all for the fun of creating, cooking and tasting. Least not to forget, incorporating the science and maths with the fun elements.

 It will be a floury and sumptuous learning experience!

Day 4: Nov 4

Halloween at Skansen and Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt in Skansen and Focus on the Baltic Sea Center

The last day of the Camp, we will visit the Baltic Sea Center at Skansen to investigate and understand the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. 

Living in Sweden, how much do we know about its wildlife and culture? We will explore Skansen with an open eye to know better about our host country and expand our understanding of the Nordic culture.

To top it all, is our traditional Halloween Trick or Treat, we will end the Fall Camp with an exciting treasure hunt at Skansen to sharpen your orienteering skills.  

Practical Info

We would still be vigilant in ensuring that the Camp leaders and children will be cautious and be observant of the COVID guidelines.

A four-day fall break science  camp supervised by seasoned specialists from various fields.  Energetic and talented Science Camp Leaders who are mostly students  coming from KTH and other prominent Swedish universities belonging to different nationalities.

Grade: Age 5 - Grade 5
Instructors: Teachers and trained Science Camp Leaders
Language: English & Swedish.

Date:  Monday, November 1 - Thursday, November 4
Time: 9:30 - 16:00
Where: Viktor Rydberg gymnasium Odenplan
Frejgatan 30, 113 49 Stockholm (Map)

You may choose to attend 1-4 day Program

Full 4-day Program:  3, 200 SEK  
Per day: 900 SEK 

Includes materials, halloween trick or treat package and snacks for the day. Students need to bring their own lunch.

or buy BrainGymnastics STEAM Camp tickets directly at Billetto

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