BrainGymnastics Saturday STEAM Camp

The Braingymnastic STEAM Camps provides children with exciting, hands-on experiences that prepare them for a successful and rewarding future! Our STEAM Camps is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Our Saturday Braingymnastics STEAM Camps

September 17: Rock Climbing & Poke Bowl Making

Date:  September 17
Age: 6-13 y/o
Time: 9.30 -15.30
Language: Swedish and English
Fee: 875 KR
Place: Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, Odenplan

The Maths of Rock climbing

Gear up as you lift your way up and conquer the walls!

Build your confidence and soar to new heights. Learning math in a fun way and exploring our physical strengths.

The Art of Poke Bowl Making 

Compose your own poke bowl and bring in the “little chef” in you. Fanciful ways of putting together a variety of ingredients to surely delight the eyes and the palette.

October 15: Padel and Mini-Robot Making

Date:  October 15
Age: 6-13 y/o
Time: 9.30 -15.30
Language: Swedish and English
Fee: 975 KR
Place: Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, Odenplan

Let’s Padel!!!

Join the buzz and learn some basics of playing padel. Apply simple science concepts to improve your volley and the math in scoring the game. A smashing experience to add in your feather!

Mini-Robot Making

What could be more awesome than building your own bot? Learning the science behind it all, understanding the components and how it operates. It will be another fun bot to add in your collection.


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