BrainGymnastics Saturday STEAM Camp

My son is very interested in science classes. Teacher is very professional and patient. Thanks for making my son love science.

Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are the mixing of two or more reactants to form a new product. During these four Saturdays, we will perform various experiments which will demonstrate physical and chemical changes on substances. The different phases of change may not be easily understood but somehow will instigate curiosity on your child’s scientific adventures. 

November 7 

The Wonders of Crystals

What are crystals? How are crystals created and what are chemically grown crystals? The science camp team will attempt to create a crystal tree and other fascinating crystal related activities. Come and enjoy the dazzle!

November 14

Fizzlers and Bath Bombs 

What creates the fizzles in our sodas and bath bombs. Our young scientists will get the opportunity of creating their own bath bombs, understanding the science behind it. The group’s objective is to create a mini-volcano with a gaseous bubbly substance. There is no magic, it is all about science.

November 21 

SAFE Explosive Experiments

What active chemical ingredients are needed to make a compound pop? Why does popcorn pop? How does a match light? What composes a match stick? What are in Crack POP candies that make it pop? Students will experiment on sky rocketing poppers modelling rocket propulsions and have a better understanding of rocket launchers.

November 27 

The Chemistry of Candy Making

The science behind the sweet treats is all about chemistry and chemical reactions.

We will explore the chemistry of candy making. The making of sugar caramels and sugar webs? Understanding the procedure of making it will make the students realise why it can be bad for their health. Understand your sweets and have a healthy retreat.

Practical Info

Due to the current situation, we are COVID conscious group who abides with the safety regulations to be able  to continue to provide exciting  STEAM activities. 

The BrainGymnastics STEAM Camp is a 2 hour session providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Art, experiments and activities to students. The hands-on fun learning sessions stimulate curiosity and present opportunities for children to explore. Come and visit us for your child to experience STEAM activities!!!

Age: Students from 5 - 12  y/o
Instructors:  Trained Science Camp leaders
Language: English & Swedish
Date: Saturdays from August 28 to November 28, with break during the fall break
Time: 9:30 - 11:30
Where: Viktor Rydberg gymnasium Odenplan
Frejgatan 30, 113 49 Stockholm (Map)

Season and Period Tickets:
Full Autumn Season Ticket (12 events): 3600 SEK
Period 1: Aug 29 - Sept 19 Ticket (4 events): 1285 SEK 
Period 2: Sept 26 - Oct 17 Ticket (4 events): 1285 SEK 
Period 3: Nov 7 - Nov 28 Ticket (4 events): 1285 SEK
STEAM Camp (TRY) Ticket: 100 SEK (The discount applies only to new bookings)
Sibling discount: 10%

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