BrainGymnastic Winter Sports Break STEAM Camp 2022

Take your child’s mind out for an adventure towards a world full of knowledge and endless possibilities

An awesome camp - Going to science camp was the best decision my parents made. I made lots of new friends and I loved how everyone worked together.I loved all the teachers.I highly recommend going to this camp.

The 4 Day Winter Sports Break STEAM Camp Program 

Theme:  A Season of New Beginnings

Join us as we embrace the return of normalcy. Breaking free from worries and just enjoying exciting face to face group learning activities. We apply the concepts of science and technology through hands-on activities and fun experiments that use your child’s natural curiosity as a foundation for future scientific understanding.

The STEAM Camp will kick- off with the traditional Piñata hitting to kickstart the day. Your child will not only be enthused with learning STEAM, but as well, strengthen their understanding of basic concepts whilst having fun.

STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding children inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Day 1: Feb 28 

Squishy Circuits and Pizza Making Day

The chemistry of flour and fun with the dough.

Discover the dynamic property of a flour, from industrial use to a vital component of food making. Conducting electricity using flour and learning how to make your own pizza.

A plus treat is that we will be making the pizza in real Pizzeria and will be assisted by the real pizza chefs.

  Day 2: March 1

Mini-Robot Making and Badminton Day

Let us enjoy making a mini- robot, enjoy programming and race the tracks.

To end the day, enjoy and learn how to play badminton as we condition our body. We will provide the rackets so you just have to come and have fun, even the younger kids can enjoy it, too.

Day 3: March 2 

Tom Tits Experiment, Unravel the Wonders

One of the most exciting STEAM museums of Sweden. No dull moments, just a day of mesmerizing and learning.

 A day trip to Södertälje exploring a variety of hands-on experiments and a lot of sensorial discovery. A very special place that will truly appease the curiosity!

Day 4: March 3


Self-Care Package Making and Rock Climbing

The last day of the Camp will focus on special treats for the body and mind. Indulging activities on chemical reactions focusing on natural and chemical changes. Delighting the senses and making your own soap and bath bombs.

Then, challenge their physique and experience the height of rock climbing. Learn physics and math in a very exciting way!

Practical Info

We would still be vigilant in ensuring that the Camp leaders and children will be cautious and be observant of the COVID guidelines.

A four-day winter sports break STEAM camp supervised by seasoned specialists from various fields. Energetic and talented STEAM Camp Leaders who are mostly students coming from KTH and other prominent Swedish universities belonging to different nationalities.

Ages: 5 -13 y/o
Instructors: Teachers and trained Science Camp Leaders
Language: English & Swedish.

Date: Monday, February 28 - Thursday, November 4
Time:   Mon, Tues, Thurs ( 9.30 -16), Wednesday (9-16)
Where: Viktor Rydberg gymnasium Odenplan
Frejgatan 30, 113 49 Stockholm (Map)

You may choose to attend 1-4 day Program


Full 4-day Program: 3, 975 SEK  

Per day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (975 SEK ) : Wednesday (1,100 SEK)

Includes STEAM activity kits, entrance to activity centers, materials, and snacks for the day. Students need to bring their own lunch.

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