Summer Innovators STEAM Camp 2024 W.26

An awesome camp – Going to science camp was the best decision my parents made. I made lots of new friends and I loved how everyone worked together.I love all the teachers.I highly recommend going to this camp.

Summer Innovators Camp

The Innovators STEAM Camp is a 4-day program packed with fun scientific learning and innovative activities for children 11-13 years old.

A tinkering space to create and experience exciting science experiments, designing and putting together mini robots, adventures for sports camp and a place to meet new friends

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The 4 Day Summer Innovator STEAM Camp Program

Exploring Wonder: Igniting Curiosity through STEAM Innovation

Innovating activities to welcome summer. Understanding fun-filled experimentation in  the laboratory  that creates curiosity and igniting  your child’s innovative minds. The 4-day Camp will be busy with chemical experiments, mini-bot making and innovative activities seeding lasting memories.

Sushi Making and Boule

Day 1: Monday, Jun 24

A better way of polishing their math skills is to relate it with fun activities. Finding sushi circumference and the physics of boule will surely lead to a lot of math teasers. During this day, the Campers will be taught how to play boule by an expert. The Camper who scores the most in our boule adventure and is close to perfect sushi making will win a prize.

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“Let’s Fizzle” and Noble Museum

Day 2: Tuesday, Jun 25

There are a lot of wonders exploring fizzling activities, from sour candy making to safe explosive experiments. This will definitely be a colorful day to indulge. We will finish the day exploring the Noble museum to inspire them with their scientific creations.

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Mini Bot Building and Sculpture’s Garden

Day 3: Wednesday, Jun 26

Creativity maximized at different levels. Camper’s perceptual and fine motor skills will be put to a test for them creating playful products for the day. A visit to Mille’s gården to inspire the young minds and create their mini-bots will be one of the highlights of the Camper’s summer.

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A day at the Farm

Day 4: Thursday, Jun 27

Bring in the simple joys and let our Campers explore the beautiful days of summer. A trip to GH-4 farm learning about egg production, baking and creating seedlings, horse carriage riding and barbecuing on a farm. Lots of surprise treats to our 5-Camp adventure to seal this summer’s STEAM Camp innovator’s mind.

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Practical Info

A four-day science camp supervised by seasoned specialists from various fields. Energetic and talented Science Camp Leaders who are mostly students coming from KTH and other prominent Swedish universities belonging to different nationalities.

Early bird registration till May 31, 10% discount