Terms & Conditions

AT&L Stockholm AB, with organization’s number  559150-0019 is located at Sjöviksbacken 31, 11756, Stockholm , telephone number, 072-9695999, and e-mail address at info@atlstockholm.se , hereinafter, referred to as "the Company", is a service company that provides academic related services, such as, but not limited to, tutorial services ("Service / Services") which is provided to private individuals and companies in Sweden ("Customer / Customers"). AT&L Stockholm AB services are described in more details in the Company's prevailing service brochures and on the website. The Company reserves the right to print errors. Below are the conditions under which the Company offers identified services;


Agreement: A binding contract between AT&L Stockholm AB and the Customer sanctioning terms and conditions of a service.
The Company:
AT&L Stockholm AB is a private company rendering academic related services to boost learning of a client.
Terms & Conditions:
Agreed terms and conditions establishing binded agreement between the Company and  Customer.
Specific individual whom the service is being rendered to.
Mentor: An individual providing one on one academic enhancement individually or in groups.
Service / Services:   A set of designed activity/activities targeting  an individual or a group executing a designed program.
A laid out action plan for an individual or groups defining parameters to achieve identified learning objectives.
Defined length of time and specific days when a Program is to be rendered.
Extra time:
If the Customer, in consultation with the mentor, wishes to spend more time during a session than the planned time that the service is defined, a session can then be extended with extra time in 30-minute increments and then invoiced at the additional time price.
Extra Session:  
Additional number of fixed time or day that is being added on top of  the specified schedule of a Program

Notification & Terms of Agreement

  1. The Agreement between a Customer and the Company is initiated when a Customer completes a Service Request Form which is provided in the Company’s website.
  2. As soon as the Company has received the completed Service Request Form, the Company will contact the Customer to match the Customer's needs and wishes, and then start working on creating a suitable program for the Customer.
  3. When the Company has designed a suitable program based on the Customer’s needs and wishes, the Company will then send a Proposal of Services which include information about the mentor, prices and terms of service to the Customer.
  4. If the Customer agrees to the Proposal of Services, the Customer should notify the company by completing an Approval of Service Form or by sending the Company a written confirmation which confirms that the parties have entered into a binding Agreement.  
  5. With the Customer's conclusion of the Agreement as described above, Customer agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions. At the same time, the Customer confirms that it has taken note of the information regarding the processing of its personal data.  Please read about our privacy policy to learn more about how we handle the personal information collected from our customers.
  6. To enter into an agreement with the Company or to book and pay a Service at the Company, the Customer must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, this must be done with the consent of the guardian.

Equality Warranty

The Customer should notify the Company immediately for any dissatisfaction during the session. For a Program that is provided on a monthly basis, the Customer should be able to justify the reason for dissatisfaction and the Company would discuss the performance to the named mentor. A grace period for improvement entitles the Company and the sessions agreed for the month should be completed.

The Customer should notify the Company for any grave misconduct of a mentor, if proven, the Program agreed upon can be terminated. The Customer can be refunded for the remaining sessions or the whole entire program.

If the Customer decides to cease the Agreement, the reasons should be clear and valid.  The Company should be given a two- weeks notification. Either that a new mentor will be provided or they will be refunded for the remaining sessions.

When the Customer is satisfied with a Mentor, it is the Company's ambition that the Customer will be able to continue with this Mentor for as long as the Customer wishes. However, the company does not provide any warranty in this respect.

Purchasing & Payment 

With the Program referred to, Customer-approved proposal of services which includes  Agreement on Date, Time and Place of Session is made in conjunction with the Confirmation of Contract. Programs are binding and may only be amended as described in these Terms & Conditions.

The Customer reserves the right to request for an extra session if necessary. In such cases, this shall be notified to the Company. The Customer requesting for the extra session should email the Company of duration and date of the session. The Customer will be charged with the extra session at the end of the current month the Program is provided.

If the Customer requests extra time during the session, the Mentor will record this extra time and the Customer will be charged at the end of the current month the Program is provided.


Individual programs are invoiced monthly in advance for the number of Sessions included in the Customer's program. Any additional Service requested by the Customer such as testing or assessment and other Services provided by the Company are all invoiced and payment should be settled before a session commence.


The price for the Services are confirmed and agreed with the Customer in conclusion  with the Agreement. The Customer shall pay the price and fees stated in the Agreement.

Reminder fee

The company reserves the right to charge a reminder fee and charge late payment by law if payment has not been received by the Company by the due date of the invoice.

Cancellation and re-booking

A Session can be re-booked by the Customer three days before the scheduled date. The time has to be resumed within the agreed Program duration. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the mentor with alternative suggestions at reasonable times within the same program period. Re-booking is primarily done directly between the Customer and Mentor and, secondly, by sending an email to support@atlstockholm.se three days before the scheduled session. If the Mentor can not complete the replacement Session at any of the suggested times, the Customer will be credited for the missed Session.

If the Customer will cancel a Session, due to illness or other reason, on the same day as the Session should have occurred then it must be notified to the Mentor as soon as possible. The Session can be retrieved within the agreed program time. It is the Customer's responsibility to provide the Mentor with alternative suggestions at reasonable times within the same program period. Re-booking is primarily done directly between the Customer and Mentor and, secondly, by emailing support@atlstockholm.se .

A Session can be re-booked by the company seven days before the date. It is the responsibility of the Mentor to provide the Customer with alternative proposals at reasonable times within the same program period. Re-booking is primarily done directly between the Customer and Company and, secondly by sending an email to support@atlstockholm.se . If Customer is unable to complete the replacement session at any of the proposed times, Customer will be credited for the missed session. 

In case of no delivery from the Company of agreed session, eg. if the Mentor becomes ill, first and foremost, re-booking with the same Mentor will be made, in other instances which re-booking will not be possible during the program period, the sessions will be credited to the Customer.

If Customer is unable to attend the agreed Sessions, and re-booking is not possible, the opportunity is deemed to be exhausted and can not be re-booked.

Replacing a Mentor

As the Mentor are AT&L Stockholm AB employees, they are entitled to terminate their employment. If a mentor wants to cease their employment, the obligation to the Customer is also terminated. The Company undertakes to propose a new qualified Mentor to the client to continue the Program initiated.

Confidentiality and Handling of Personal Data

By entering into an agreement, the Customer agrees to Company processing of personal data for the purposes specified above. The Company is obliged to provide information about the personal data processed by the customer once a year, free of charge after a customer's written request. The Company is also required to rectify or delete customer’s data that has not been processed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, (EU 2016:679, GDPR), and national complementing data privacy legislations. Such request is sent to info@atlstockholm.se.

Informations about a student such as evaluations, tests, sample results, feedback on programs, etc. is always shared with the Customer. Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, the information will be deleted upon request of the Customer and the data will be stored for a maximum one year.

For more information about how the company handles personal data, see the company’s privacy policy.

Responsibility &  Insurance

The Company can not give any guarantees that a student achieves a certain result, as a result of the performance of the Services. The Company has no obligation to substitute the Customer for any damage that Customer suffers as a result of the Services such as not meeting the Customer's expectation or for Customer's use of the Services. The Company does not compensate for indirect damages, unless such liability is in accordance with law.

The Company has a liability insurance covering various types of incidents during the delivery of Company services. However, in some cases, the Customer's home insurance  may also cover a loss. The Customer accepts, however, that this assessment is made by the Company's insurance based on applicable insurance terms.

Force Majeure

Events beyond any of the parties' control that prevent performance of the Service entitle each party to completely terminate the assignment without the right to compensation for other parties.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Company is entitled to transfer, in whole or in part, its rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties on unchanged terms. Customer is only entitled to transfer his rights and obligations under the Agreement upon written approval from the Company.

All intellectual property rights and technical solutions regarding the Services and the website www.atlstockholm.se belong to the Company or any third party with which the Company cooperates. The Company and its affiliates retain all intellectual property rights to all information provided to Customer in connection with the Agreement and Customer's use of the Services, as well as any other published material, trademarks, logos, images, videos, databases and such. Such materials as described in this section may not be used by Customer without the written permission of the Company unless Customer's use is not necessary for Customer to use the Services under these Terms

Complaints & Legal Dispute

If the customer would be dissatisfied with any part of Company’s services, the customer is prompted to contact Company immediately so that the reason for the dissatisfaction can be rectified. Complaints must therefore be made immediately. If the customer finds that Company is unable to resolve the reason for the dissatisfaction, the customer can contact ARN, the General Complaints Board, via www.arn.se.  The Company is committed to following ARN recommendations. Any dispute between customers and Company will be settled in Swedish courts with the application of Swedish law.